My Divine Home is more than just a name. It describes my home. A home full of love, faith, family and God’s spirit. A home full of DIY projects worked on by a husband and a wife. It’s a small home with lots of character. A small home that leaves a lasting impression. It’s the house you turned into a home. A home that isn’t much but means so much to you. It’s the place that reflects you. It’s the place you call home. The place you make beautiful in your own way. Your dream home. Your first home. Your safe place.

The definition of divine is of, from, or like God.

My Divine Home is the name of Morgan’s furniture business. She puts her love and hard work into each and every piece. In hopes that having her custom furniture in your home will make it feel divine.

My Divine Home is Morgan’s blog. Which was created to inspire you. To teach you how to do your own projects. To help you make your home feel divine doing small, inexpensive projects that make a big difference. To encourage you to be creative and to step outside your comfort zone. It was created to share Morgan’s life. The ups and the downs she faces in this life. The gifts she was given. The many things God is doing in her life. My Divine Home is more than just a name.

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