Woodland Nursery Reveal

Today is the day! I’m finally revealing Brayden’s nursery and I’m so excited to share it with you guys! The tour has been long awaited and the nursery is finally finished.

When I first began designing Brayden’s nursery I knew I wanted a woodland theme which would include bears, moose, deer, elk, arrows, mountains, etc! When choosing a color for the nursery I first found a pattern I loved (the crib skirt & rail cover) and designed the room around it. The colors I chose are mint green, navy blue and gray. I’m so glad I went with this theme and these colors! This room was so much fun to create/design!

img_8099img_8182img_8199IMG_8233 (1).jpgIMG_8172.jpgimg_8232

I fell in love with this mobile when I found it on ETSY! It goes perfectly with the nursery theme! It was so much fun to customize and I’m so glad I chose it for the space.


The room felt pretty small and lacked interest so we decided to add a special accent wall. We also paint the walls gray to give it a cool feel. The accent wall makes the ceiling feel taller which makes the room feel a lot bigger! We love how it turned out.


This cart was originally a turquoise/mint color from IKEA. I had my husband help me spray paint it navy blue to match everything in the room. Once baby is here it will go in our bedroom. I have all my newborn essentials/necessities in it and it’ll be so easy to wheel back and forth from one room to another. I also have some plastic bins in it (also from IKEA) that can easily be picked up and repacked as needed.


This IKEA dresser used to be in our bedroom but when I started designing the nursery I knew it would work perfect for the space. It has tons of storage, has the perfect wood look, and works great as a changing table! The changing pad will go right on top of it.


I organized the drawers using IKEA’s little organizer baskets. I put everything I’ll be using the most in the top two drawers.


In the next two drawers I added Brayden’s newborn outfits and tiny 0-3 month clothes. I figured I will be changing him in and out of theses sizes the most when he arrives! I also put a bunch of them in my diaper bag (which I will be taking to the hospital) so I have tons of options to change him into.


In the drawer next to his clothes I just have random odds and ends. I’m still shopping for more baby essentials so this drawer should fill up with more in the next few weeks!


In the last two drawers I have 0-3 month bottoms and an overstock of diapers and wipes! I signed up for The Honest Company brand diapers so this overflow drawer will soon have more in it as well.


Above the changing table I added some DIY picture shelves which you can find plans for here. They were super easy to make and I love how they turned out! Most of the time pictures we’ve taken end up getting pushed to the side or stored in a box somewhere. These shelves allowed me to display our maternity photos and it’s so nice because now I can see them every day! Once Brayden gets a little older I can always change them out with other photos.


Instead of purchasing wall art I made my own! I found different patterns and printed them from my computer. I also found silhouettes of animals online, printed, traced and cut them out on cute paper. So simple and fun!


The wood mountains I made with scrap wood. All you need is some angle cuts from a miter saw and you’re good to go!

This lamp is AMAZING. Seriously I think everyone should have one. It’s a must have! It turns on and off just by touching it! It’s so convenient especially for a soon to be mom like me who will have her hands full all the time. Just walk right in and tap it anywhere to turn it on!


This tier tray was something I saw on Pinterest and thought it was a cute way to organize/store easy to reach diaper essentials. I’m still in the process of filling it up!


I found this cute little end table at Ross and couldn’t pass it up! The baskets are great for storage and easy to slide in and out. I’ll be storing my nursing stuff in them for easy access when I’m sitting in the rocking chair. I love the baskets too because they won’t smash my little man’s fingers when he gets a little older and more curious. The x’s on the sides are my favorite too!

My next favorite purchase for the room is my rocking chair! It’s something I wanted for a long time. It’s cute and comfy! Rocks so well, fits in with the decor and also matches the walls perfectly! It’s not as deep as I wanted but it will do the job and I can’t wait to rock Brayden in it!


I also died over this pouf. Isn’t it cute?! It’s super lightweight but also firm (which I don’t know how it’s possible it can be both). Another great purchase!


I can’t forget the curtain rod and curtains! The curtains are complete blackout curtains and I’m amazed at how much light they block out. They make the room completely dark when closed. They’re going to be perfect for nap time! This rod was such a cool find too. I never knew they made faux wood curtain rods. It’s the perfect touch of wood for the room. At some point I’m planning on getting some wood bamboo blinds. That way we can let some light into the room but also have some privacy.

Another item I am super excited about are these baskets I purchased from Amazon! I already had these two cube storage shelves that I thought would be perfect for closet organization. I would like to at some point have all the top cubes filled with books and then the baskets will hold all of Brayden’s toys. The baskets will be easy for him to get into and at the same time hide all the clutter of his toys!


Thank you so much for stopping by! This room is so special to me and I hope it inspires you! All sources are listed down below. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them down below as well. You can pin any of these photos by clicking on them!

4 more weeks until my little man is here! I can’t wait to make some memories with him in this room!



Source List


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This nursery was inspired by nursery’s I found on Pinterest and Project Nursery. All organization was inspired by daily vlogs I watch on YouTube. This blog post is not sponsored or an advertisement.

7 thoughts on “Woodland Nursery Reveal

  1. Looks amazing lady! You have such a great eye for good design. I could see you doing it for a living if you wanted to once Brayden is older.


  2. Brayden’s nursery is so beautiful “in-person”, but seems even more beautiful in photographs! (I don’t know how that’s possible, but it truly is.) The colors you chose go so perfectly together. This sweet little boy is one blessed child to have you for a mommy and I hope that he will be gifted like you in the artistic realm.


    1. Aw thanks mom! The Lord let the sun come out for a bit and I was able to get some good shots! I hope Brayden does too! Either way we will love him so so much! I’m so ready and excited for him to be here! Xo!


  3. Would you mind telling me which ikea dresser that is? It is absolutely perfect for my son’s room makeover and I would love to get one, but I don’t see one like yours on the site. You did such an amazing job on that nursery, I absolutely love it!


    1. I’m so sorry I think it’s either discontinued or not available right now. It hasn’t been for months. I thought I saw it come back the other day on IKEA’s website but then it was gone again. I hope you can find something similar to it! Thank you so much! 😊


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