DIY Painted Birch Trees

Each day I am getting closer and closer to finishing the nursery! I’m so excited to share the final reveal with everyone. I’m also excited to just have it done so I can relax! Only a couple more weeks and I’ll be sharing the full reveal with all of you!

Today I finished one of the major things on my nursery to do list. These lovely birch trees!


If you guys have been following me for awhile on Instagram and here on the blog you know that my nursery has a woodland theme. I did a simple accent well to add a nice backdrop for the crib but I also wanted to do something special on the other two walls in this space. Pinterest is full of ideas so I searched for the perfect accent to add to the other walls. I found some birch tree wall decals and instantly fell in love. They looked simple to order and apply to the wall. So I thought…

I began searching for the exact ones I wanted and for a good deal. Most decals you can get between 5 and 9 trees for around $50-$90 dollars. This is what I found on Amazon. I also found some on ETSY but they were ridiculously expensive. I thought the price was reasonable on Amazon until I started reading reviews. There were some good reviews but mostly bad. People complained about the struggle of putting the decals up on the wall. They would stick together and each tree came in 3 different sections so you’d have to perfectly match them all up. Some also came with no directions!

So I thought to myself… Spend $50 on 9 trees all chopped up into pieces with no directions and hope/pray for the best! Or save my money and make my own.

At first I really didn’t want to paint any type of art or mural on our walls. I just wanted to keep it simple and do the decals so later I could take them off if I wanted to. There was really no other option for me though. I wasn’t willing to waste my time and money on the decals. Especially because I wanted them to look a certain way.

I looked up some DIY birch trees on Pinterest and decided if other people could paint these trees on their walls so could I. I was on a mission! I realized using painters tape was the key to this project. I also already had my own white paint on hand so this project was going to be completely free! Can’t beat that!


Let’s Begin

First things first! You want to find a spot on your wall you like best to start creating your trees. I decided to start with the center of my smallest wall. I wanted my trees to look as even as I could get them. I measured the width of the wall and marked the center. Then I drew a line from the floor to the ceiling using my level. This line will be your guide to getting your trees somewhat straight. You’ll want to draw a line for all of your trees.


Once you have your first line drawn you can start adding your tape! I used blue painters tape and then halfway through the project I ran out and started using FrogTape. I would honestly recommend using the blue painters tape and getting the smaller width size. Some people like the FrogTape better but I felt like the blue tape created a more perfect line when removing it.


When adding the tape I just used my eyes and tried to give an inch space on the right and left side of the line I drew. You can get creative and kind of move the tape around as you’re adding it to the wall. This creates grooves in your tree so it’s not a perfectly straight tree. I did this with my trees but I didn’t get too crazy.


Once you get your tape on each side of your pencil line from the floor to the ceiling you can do the same step for the rest of your trees! When adding a tree to the left of the tree in the center of my wall I just measured from the left side of my wall to that center pencil line and made mark at the center of that space on the wall. I made this tree trunk a little thicker and also added an extra branch to it. When adding the branches I just used that center line I just drew as my guide to make sure the branches were going straight up the wall symmetrically.

As you can see I got impatient and started adding my marks with tape on the trees. I was just so excited to see everything come together!


If you’re trying to figure out how thick to make your trees and you want a variety of sizes just add an inch on each side of your pencil line or 2 to 3 inches on each side. This will keep your tree an even width. I just eyeballed the width as I added the tape.

For the right side I measured the space on the wall just like the left side and instead of dividing it by 2 for one tree I divided the space by 3 so I could add 2 trees. Once normal size and one small. If you decide to do this project you can add your trees on the wall any way you want. There’s no perfect way. It’s your personal preference.


Once your trees are taped up on the wall you can start adding the marks on the trees! I just ripped my tape into pieces that looked like the ripped marks you find on birch trees and added them to the wall. I did make sure the marks were perfectly horizontal. At least I tried my best.


After all of your pieces of tape are up you can start painting! I used a small foam roller to paint the trees. For me it took 3 coats of white paint. After the 3rd coat of paint, while it was still wet, I slowly peeled all of the tape off. Peeling off the tape was probably the best part of this DIY. It’s so fun!


Let the 3rd coat of paint dry and then you can start your branches! This part made me nervous. I wasn’t sure where to put the branches or how many I should do. Honestly it’s best to just have fun with it! Again I used my tape so I would get perfect lines.


I added 3 coats of paint again with a regular paint brush (let each coat dry) to the branches and peeled off the tape when the 3rd coat was still wet.


Once the branches were dry I then added some smaller branches onto those branches. I tried free handing the smaller branches and I wasn’t happy with how they looked so I just painted gray over them, let the paint dry and used my tape again. You can also just use thicker tape and cut your branch design down the middle of the tape. I found this to be helpful towards the end.


After you let those dry and peel off the tape it’s time to add your leaves! You can see I got ahead of myself again! At first I thought about printing some leaf patterns off of my computer and tracing them but then I thought how hard is it to paint a leaf?! So I free handed the leaves. No pencil just paint and a small paint brush! The leaves took more than 3 coats. You just have to go over them until you are satisfied with how they look.


Lastly, I went back with my gray paint and a tiny paint brush to touch up any spots that had white paint where I didn’t want it. Then I took an eraser and erased all the pencil lines I could still see. My eraser did leave a faint line. You can just paint over the line or leave it!

I was going to do more trees on the wall next to this one but being 31 weeks pregnant I’m starting to run out of gas! I decided to switch my nursery design up a little bit and just keep the trees on this wall by themselves. They’re the first thing you see when you enter the room and I love them so much! I may add more leaves but for now I’m putting the paint brush down! Mama needs a break!


Tips & Tricks

  • What helped me the most with this project was saving tree decals that I loved on my computer (the photos of them) and just trying to copy them the best I could by looking at them. Here are my favorite designs that I looked back on to make my design (click any of these photos to see where I found them):


You can choose to add branches and leaves or you can choose not to like this example:


These examples are painted birch trees from DIYers on Pinterest:


  • When adding the branches and leaves it helped me a lot to leave the room and come back in and look at the trees. This helped me see where I needed branches/leaves in certain spots and where I didn’t need them.
  • Just pick and choose what you like and have fun with this! You can also add colored birds, deer or little furry friends.

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope this tutorial was helpful and if you have any questions please feel free to ask! If you want to save this project for later you can pin any of these photos to Pinterest.

The countdown to my nursery reveal continues! See you next time!



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