22-28 Weeks Pregnant| Maternity Photos

If you didn’t already know by now New Years Eve I decided to make a big change. New year new me! Isn’t that how it goes? I’ve decided to fully change my blog into a mommy-DIY-lifestyle blog. For the last two years I’ve shared all of my home renovations, furniture and projects on my blog and Instagram. Home decor was/is my passion but my life is quickly changing and I want to share these changes with everyone. I want my blog to be about all of my passions old, new, and current. I want it to be about my projects, family, faith, and this new mom journey I’m about to embark on. Sharing my life with you (and all it’s ups and downs) feels so right and I’m excited to make this change! I hope you are too! Thanks for being apart of my journey ♡


22-28 Weeks Pregnant

Am I really pregnant? I see my belly growing every single day but it still seems so unreal to me! I don’t think it will hit me that I’m actually having a baby until I’m giving birth. Is this what it feels like to be a first time mom? Most of you have read my story and our struggle to get pregnant. The loss we went through. Even though we’ve gone through so much in the last few years this last week has been pretty tough on me. I have found myself depressed and anxious. I’m also feeling so bad for feeling this way because I should be so positive and happy right now… I’m having a baby! Like what?! What a blessing right?!

I’m so thankful for my friends and family because they remind me that it’s normal to feel anxious. Bringing a life into this world is a big deal and it can be scary. I continue to pray and put everything in the Lord’s hands but truth is… this girl is freaking out! On top of all the emotions and being hormonal I’m helping plan my baby shower, getting our nursery ready, working on getting house projects finished, preparing myself for this big change, making sure I get everything I need for our baby… I feel like I have so much on my plate and so little time left! These are all such fun and exciting things too that I want to enjoy so badly. I’m walking into the unknown and it’s so exciting but oh so scary to me. I keep trying to remind myself that once I see our baby boy’s face everything will be alright and so worth it.

Let’s take it back to before I hit 28 weeks. I can honestly say I’ve gained too much weight with this pregnancy (which is another issue I’m going through). I wanted to be one of those girls that only gained a belly but I’ve definitely gained more than just a belly. I’m ready to have my body back that’s for sure. I’ve even gained too much too fast that I have stretch marks everywhere. Being honest and real here. Pregnancy is so tough on your body. Feeling crappy all the time and also struggling with your body image wears on you (if you aren’t struggling with this in your pregnancy you’re so lucky!). Luckily I have a husband who loves me so much and is helping me get through this. I also feel for the men who have to put up with us crazy pregnant women!

In these last few weeks my belly has grown so much. Baby boy has grown so much. He gets bigger and bigger each week! It’s so fun to wake up each morning and see my belly growth. Brayden has been more active each week. He likes to be right up in my ribs and towards the outside of my belly. My doctor even told me he isn’t shy! I can feel him when I lay my hands on my tummy. If I have my hands or arms on my stomach for even a second he kicks me hard like he wants me to stop touching him. I can already tell he’s going to be stubborn little guy! I think I’ve said that before!

About 2 weeks into my 2nd trimester I wasn’t too huge and had tons of energy. I was loving it. Once those 2 weeks were over I became exhausted every single day. I usually need a nap throughout the day and/or I have to sit for a few minutes after being on my feet for long periods of time. The weight of my belly puts a lot of pressure on my hips and back. Sleeping has become harder and harder. I wake up from Brayden kicking me and also from excruciating hip pain. The joys of pregnancy! I’m constantly saying, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this was going to happen?!”

On top of muscle pains and body issues I have had the worst heartburn every single day. I’ve had to cut a lot of foods out of my diet.

I’m not usually one to complain but I do have a low pain tolerance. So this is all so new to me! I’m a perfectionist and I like to be on my own schedule as well (go ahead and laugh at me and tell me what I’m in for… so many people have already given me their two cents). I’m pretty sure that’s why my anxiety is so high. I know I will have to say goodbye to a lot of things and it makes me a little sad. I’m hoping once we get into the routine of things I can balance baby and time for mommy (projects, DIY’s, etc.)

I’m entering my 3rd trimester and I’m trying to ignore the fact that I’m 11 weeks away from giving birth. Things are finally getting real. Birth scares me… I tend to ignore things that make me anxious until they actually happen and now I’m finally thinking about it a lot. I feel like most pregnant women are so excited to have a baby and I’m over here shaking in my boots! Reality is hitting me hard. I am excited don’t get me wrong. I’m just ready to not be feeling these pregnancy symptoms anymore and have my baby boy in my arms! Pregnancy is a blessing and it’s life changing. It’s also so hard on your body like I just shared. I am still so grateful that the Lord chose me to be this little man’s mama. It’s so cool to know that he has had this planned my entire life. Even when we went through those hard times and lost all hope. Oh if we only knew what we know now.

I think the only things I will truly miss is my belly, my baby boy safe inside of me and his movements. All the milestones, first time moments with my husband/family and the ultrasounds. Looking down and seeing my baby right there with me gives me such a calm feeling. I love him so much already and I haven’t even met him yet. I also enjoy watching my husband talk to my belly and put his hands on it. I know he’s going to be the most amazing dad and I’m so excited to see him with Brayden.

Time is just flying by. It always does. This pregnancy has flown by. Even though it’s been hard and far from glamorous I am trying to enjoy every part of it. I know one day I’ll look back and miss it. Knowing this pregnancy is going by so fast and seeing my friend’s babies grow so fast I want to cherish all these moments. Especially the moments with Brayden. I know this year is going to fly by and I hope and pray it’ll slow down a little bit so my baby doesn’t grow up so fast.


During my 25th week I had my maternity photos taken by one of my best friends. It was so much fun! Something I will always love to look back on. For all you first time mom’s I totally recommend taking maternity photos. Find a pretty dress, get your makeup done and go take some photos. I promise you it is so worth it. Pregnancy is hard and not always beautiful like everyone makes it seem but when I look at these photos my heart is filled with joy. Creating a life with the one you love, God knitting this tiny human inside of you, and your body keeping it alive and growing is so darn beautiful. It’s truly a miracle.


Photos by: Simply Rooted Photography

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7 thoughts on “22-28 Weeks Pregnant| Maternity Photos

  1. I had excruciating pain in my pelvis/hips with my last 2 babies. Chiropractor really helped. Something that helps me with 3 kids and the endless tasks and anxiety is telling myself there’s always tomorrow, all these things don’t NEED to be done for us to survive lol it helps a little but everything your feeling is normal.


  2. You are so on the ball. I’m due in 3 weeks and still no preggo pictures. With my two other babies I had them taken the week and day before I gave birth. Totally don’t recommend that. 🙂 anyhow the pictures are so cute, your bump is adorable and I love the dress. Sorry to hear of your loss and struggle- we have had 6 losses which is …always grievous to think about, however it does alievate with time and esp when your arms are full of other babies. Well, prayers over here for you entering mommyhood!


    1. Aw! Congratulations! In my head I feel like I’m due in 3 weeks but I have two more months maybe even less. Time is going by so quickly! Thanks so much! Oh man. I’m so sorry I can’t even imagine going through that much heartache. You are a strong woman! Thank you for your prayers friend. I will say a prayer for you as well. Enjoy your new baby!


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