JORD Wood Watch + Holiday Giveaway!

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about these beautiful JORD wood watches. If you haven’t you’re in for a real treat! I love these watches and I’ve talked about them on my blog before! I’m a wood worker so naturally I have a love for all types of wood. These watches are made out of wood so I’m pretty excited about them and I hope you will be too!


JORD wood watches are the perfect addition to any outfit. Their website is stocked with tons of styles and colors. They even make styles for women and men! These watches are amazing quality, can be adjusted to any size and come in a fancy wood box. Looking for a special gift to give during the holidays? JORD is now offering watch engraving! So you can add a sentimental note to each and every watch you give. How cool is that?!


This year for Christmas I decided I wanted to surprise my husband with a new JORD watch. I chose the Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood watch because he loves dark colors especially black. I knew this watch would be his style! I also decided to engrave his watch with a special note. My husband and I are always arguing about who loves who more! So I thought how perfect… I could engrave his watch saying “LOVE YOU MORE” that way wherever he goes and whatever he is doing he can always read his watch and see that I love him more than he loves me! I win the battle and he gets an amazing watch. It’s a win win!


I was pleasantly surprised to see how perfectly the words were centered and added to the watch. I chose the block engraving style and it turned out really nice!


Some of you may know my husband and I are expecting our first child and I feel like this watch will be very sentimental. It’s my thank you for being such an amazing husband and soon to be father. It’s totally his style and something from my heart. He can wear it everyday if he wants to and think about how much I love him… more!


I hope you guys will love these watches as much as I do! Wood engraving is an extra bonus to these watches and it can be such a sentimental gift to that special someone in your life. Whether it’s a husband, wife, mom, dad, sister, brother, son, daughter or friend. They can always keep that special message with them.

If you are interested in watch engraving here are some of the options available:

  • JORD can engrave the back plate of the following series: Fieldcrest, Reece, Frankie35, Frankie, and Conway. The cost of engraving is $35.00, and you can choose block or script engraving.
  • JORD can engrave the side of the cedar wood presentation box that the watch comes in. The cost of engraving is $45.00 and you can choose block or script engraving.
  • For character limitations, please visit the website!
  • Engraving will extend your delivery time by up to 7 business days so plan accordingly, customization is not a last minute thing!

If your thinking about gifting one or more of these watches for the holidays make sure you order soon! That way it will arrive on time! I hope you loved hearing about these gorgeous watches and decide to give a special engraved gift everyone will love ♡


Can’t forget the most important part of this blog post!… JORD is giving away a $25 gift card to anyone and everyone this holiday season! This may help you purchase your favorite watch you’ve been eyeing or it can go towards that watch you’ve been wanting to give to that special someone in your life! Just click HERE and you will be directed to the JORD site where you can enter your email address to immediately receive your $25 gift card.

Let the gift giving season begin!

Happy holidays friends!

Love always,


This blog post and giveaway is sponsored by JORD. All opinions are my own.

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