Gender Reveal & Nursery Design | 18-21 Weeks Pregnant

Another baby update! Don’t worry guys I will have plenty of DIY projects coming soon. We have a lot to get done before baby gets here and we aren’t just getting the nursery ready! We want to make sure all our home renovations are finished before our little babe gets here but who are we kidding right?! (Insert crying laughing face)

First things first! We finally know the gender and it’s a…. BOY! I honestly thought we were having a girl because of all the wives tales I read about. EVERYTHING pointed to girl. So let me just say those things are all wrong! Yes they are fun but so not true. I can say in the very beginning of my pregnancy I had a mother instinct feeling that it was a boy so I should of just stuck with that feeling! Going into the ultrasound I honestly didn’t care what gender our baby was. I just wanted to make sure the pregnancy was still going good and baby was healthy!


Gender Ultrasound

Both my mom and mother-in-law went with me to the ultrasound. My husband had to work so they were my support team! It was an amazing moment I will cherish forever. Especially sharing it with the two most important women in my life. I actually started crying right when I saw it was a boy. My mom thought I was crying and upset because it wasn’t a girl… I started crying because I instantly thought of my husband finding out it was a boy and him being so happy. It brought me to tears! Happy tears! He wanted a boy so bad and thought we were having a girl because I was so convinced it was a girl. I knew he was going to be so surprised like I was! I was also crying because it was all just so surreal. We were having a healthy baby boy! My life is changed forever all over again and he isn’t even here yet!


The ultrasound tech told me everything looked perfect and she even took some 3D photos. They didn’t turn out super well because it’s still so early to them but it was still so amazing to see! Look at that cute little nose! He definitely already looks like my husband and I am so excited to have a little Cody! Introducing Brayden Garrett!

After I found out the gender both moms and I went shopping for baby clothes for the first time! It was something I won’t ever experience again so I soaked in every single second. First baby and first boy clothes shopping! We had a blast! I also needed to find some cute things to throw in a box to surprise the hubs. I was going to do a special gender reveal just for him when he got home from work. That was amazing as well. He was in total shock and so extremely happy! He had no idea it was a boy. Another best day ever for the books!

18-21 Weeks


I am no longer sick! Hallelujah! I’m pretty sure I mentioned that already but I am actually completely back to my normal self thank goodness. Back to doing projects and building furniture! The only thing I really deal with now is being exhausted 24/7 due to lack of sleep at night. I can no longer get comfortable and I wake up extremely sore. The constant needing to run to the bathroom I am used to now and my hunger has gone through the roof. I am always hungry!

In my 18th week I felt Brayden moving on the outside for the first time! It startled me! It made my heart almost pop out of my chest. I am now 21 weeks and 2 days and he still moves around like crazy but when we go to feel him on the outside he stops moving. I can tell he’s going to be a stubborn little guy! Just like mommy and daddy!

15 weeks | 17 weeks | 20 weeks

My belly is so much bigger and getting harder. I also have a line that’s starting to appear on it plus some not so pretty stretch marks. All worth it thought right?! This entire experience is so amazing and such a blessing. Everyday I wake up feeling like I’m still dreaming. I cherish every single day and can’t wait to soak in all the moments with my little man.

Nursery Design Plans

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 3.27.19 PM.png

For the nursery I decided to go with a woodland theme. It’s pretty popular right now. I was going to do a baseball theme because my husband loves baseball and we hope to have a little baseball player in the future. I want him to choose what sports he loves though when he grows up so I decided not to force baseball on him! Plus what baby doesn’t love cute animals? I knew I would really enjoy designing this room!

The colors I’m going with are navy blue, mint green, grey and white. I’m also loving this arrow pattern! You can find this pattern all over ETSY. Which is where I’ve found most of my nursery decor.

Room Layout


Corner Wall

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 3.27.34 PM.png

The small corner will have my rocker, end table, ottoman, tree accent wall and floating shelves for decor. The trees will actually be white with navy blue birds. I’m ordering it from a shop on ETSY (I’ll link all sources down below!). I wanted to have a cute little woodland corner for Brayden to look up at when I’m nursing.

The ottoman has hidden storage for toys etc. and the navy color is a great pop of color. Since the dresser will be a wood color I wanted to balance the room with wood shelves and a white end table. I was going to do book shelves but I thought decor and photos would be more fun to display. I will be hiding the books away in the closet inside the cube organizers. I have 2 for the closet! The cubes will also have baskets to hide away more toys and random baby things.

Window Wall


For the wall with the window I decided to go with navy blue curtains and mint accent colors. I love this dresser but we are actually going to move our wood IKEA dresser into Brayden’s room and purchase a different one for our room. The blue curtains I actually found at Fred Meyer and they are blackout curtains. So to dress them up I am purchasing these driftwood blinds from Home Depot! Love all the wood tones.

I should also mention our wall color is Cedar Key by Benjamin Moore. It’s a neutral color we are choosing to leave alone. We might be moving in the near future so I didn’t want to paint all the walls crazy colors. Since we are leaving the wall color the same I decided I wanted to do a fun accent wall behind the crib!

Crib Wallscreen-shot-2016-11-21-at-3-27-40-pm

At first I was planning on doing a wood accent wall and realized it was going to be pretty expensive for what I was wanting. There was 2 different wood wall options I had in mind (which I will list below) but 1 was not in our budget and 1 I wasn’t totally in love with even though it was a cheaper option. We also thought about creating our own pallet wall but that includes lots of holes in the wall and tons of staining/sealing. That’s too much work for a pregnant lady!

My husband has been really involved in all the baby choices so he helped me come up with a cheaper accent wall idea. A square board and batten wall. The white will brighten up the room and also add some dimension! I’m super excited to get started on it!

No our baby’s name is not Jax but I love the style of this sign so I’m planning on getting a sign just like it that says “Brayden Garrett” to go above the crib. Isn’t that mobile just darling?! Another ETSY find. I’m in love with the patterns I chose for the nursery. I think Brayden will love looking at all the calm blue and happy mint colors. Also the moose, bears, deer and other animals I will have throughout the room.

There’s my nursery design! I hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe got a little inspired especially if you’re designing your own nursery! All the design board photos are clickable and will lead you to my Polyvore which will share all the sources to everything. So you can find any of these items!

Thanks for stopping by!


Other Sources:

Board and batten wall tutorial coming soon!

This blog post is not in any way sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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