Baby Update | 14-17 Weeks Pregnant

A lot of people only follow me for home decor ideas and DIY’s but for those of you who are interested in my pregnancy I wanted to share a little update. If you’re not interested in this that’s totally okay! If you haven’t been following along and you’re seeing this for the first time I’ll give you a little summary of the path I’m on right now.

What’s Been Happening

In 2014 I discovered I had PCOS due to no periods. My hormones were all messed up. I struggled with hormone medications and birth control trying to figure out what my body needed to be normal and healthy. My husband and I decided through all of this we wanted a baby. After ending up in the ER from a hormone medication I was prayed for and healed instantly. I started my period on my own and became pregnant in 2015. We lost our little one a few weeks later and found out at our first ultrasound. I had a silent miscarriage. It was devastating but we got through it (with the help of the Lord and our friends and family) and now we are pregnant again! Before this pregnancy I was having a thyroid issue and I was also prayed for and healed from that as well. God is so good and prayer is so powerful. Soon after we found out we were expecting and so thrilled. I’m not on any meds currently (only taking vitamins) and this pregnancy is going great. Everything has actually been too perfect! The Lord is carrying us through this and keeping our little one safe and healthy. I owe it all to him.

15 Weeks Pregnant

I am now in my second trimester. 16 weeks and 4 days to be exact. My morning sickness is completely gone and I’m really enjoying this time. My first trimester I was terribly sick. I finally have no worries at all about this pregnancy and I am so excited for the future!

14 Weeks Pregnant

At 14 weeks I had an appointment with my OB and she let me see our baby on a little sonogram machine. It was amazing! Our baby was flipping around and kicking like crazy. I was so happy to see it still had a heartbeat and it was measuring perfectly. My doctor told me to not worry anymore because I was passed the scary part. So I’m guessing that mean’t the percentage for a miscarriage had gone way down. My doctor is so amazing and I am so thankful she’s the one who gets to take care of me throughout this entire journey. Every appointment she lets me see the baby just for peace of mind and I know a lot of doctors don’t let their patients do that.

Snapshots of the Sonogram


15 Weeks Pregnant

During my 15th week not much happened. My belly got noticeably bigger and my sickness was almost completely gone. It was so cool to actually see the baby still growing inside of me. I slowly started to worry again though. I still trusted the Lord but you never really know what his plans are for you. Unless he specifically tells you. I know his plans are good and perfect so that’s all that matters but after having a silent miscarriage and not having signs the baby stopped developing it’s hard to not wonder if everything is still going okay the second time around.

16 Weeks Pregnant

My 16th week is when things took a turn. I had no major signs prior to this week that anything could be wrong until one night when I was going to bed I had terrible bladder pressure. Almost like a UTI but minus the burning and other symptoms. Lately in the middle of the night I wake up maybe 5 times to use the bathroom. This one night I woke up like 20+ times. I didn’t get any sleep at all. When I would use the bathroom I barely even had to pee. I also could not get comfortable enough to even fall asleep! Just so much pressure I didn’t know what was happening.

When I woke up that morning I was exhausted and the pressure was still there. I spoke to a couple different people and they told me it had to be a UTI and to drink tons of water to flush it out of me. So that’s what I did and I did feel a lot better. During the entire day I felt just fine. Later that night again I felt the same pressure and then soreness in my uterus. So now I was really in pain. So uncomfortable. I wasn’t freaking out too much I just wanted to be able to sleep at night because I was so tired.

So the next morning I called my OB’s office and they had a nurse call me back. She told me to come in and take a urine sample to see if it was a UTI. I knew for sure it wasn’t a UTI and thought maybe it was a cyst on my ovary because I’ve had them before and they always cause bladder pressure.

I got my results back a few hours later and it was negative for UTI so we needed to take another step to figuring out what was wrong. I was so surprised when the nurse said she would try to get me in the same day for an ultrasound. All of a sudden I wasn’t so worried about the bladder issue anymore I was just super excited to see the baby again!

She asked if I could come by and do the ultrasound in the next hour. Of course I said yes! This ultrasound was just supposed to be a cervical ultrasound to make sure my cervix was okay and see what the bladder issue was. The ultrasound tech I saw was so incredibly nice. First thing she wanted to do was check on the baby and get some pictures for me. I didn’t even have to ask her!

I’m pretty sure this was my most favorite ultrasound. I was there by myself this time and saw so much! The baby was so much bigger and the ultrasound tech took her time showing me everything. Normally I feel like ultrasounds are so rushed and this was the longest one I’ve ever had. Our baby actually looked so much like a baby this time. It was amazing and I felt like I could just stare up at that screen forever. She wasn’t able to show me the gender because she said it was too soon so I will have to be patient!… She let me know my cervix looked great, the placenta looked great, baby was doing great, and my ovaries looked great. She said I had no cysts and the cause of the bladder pressure… the baby! She said it was on top of it and it’s feet were on it too. I saw my OB shortly after and she just chuckled at me. She confirmed it was the baby squishing my bladder and the soreness of my uterus was from stretching. She also said unfortunately the bladder pressure will only get worse from here on out. So comforting! I’ve never been this far in pregnancy before so I had no idea you could start feeling bladder pressure this early! Now that I know the baby is doing great and my bladder is okay I am just even happier than I was before all of this! I can finally say this feels so real and I’m actually starting to feel so many flutters from the baby. God always works in mysterious ways and I felt like he planned this all out for me to see the baby again. Going alone too and having such a great ultrasound tech. I was able to just enjoy a quiet time with my baby.

The bladder pressure is more tolerable now depending on what position I am in but it’s so worth it because I’m growing a human being inside of me!

Ultrasound Photos | 16 Weeks + 3 Days


I am just in  amazement of our bodies and how babies are made. I tiny spec could turn into such a detailed beautiful little baby. No matter what the gender is we love this baby so much and are so thankful the Lord has blessed us with a healthy pregnancy and little human. I’ve forgotten I even have PCOS.

Thanks for stopping by!

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