Dream Living Room Design

Today I’m sharing my dream living room mood board and design tips! I was recently inspired by Arhaus to show what my dream living room would look like using my own creativity and interior design skills.

I’m not a full time interior designer but I do love putting spaces together especially in my own home. I’m all about neutrals, pops of color, textures, and shapes. Farmhouse style is pretty popular right now and I’m really into that as well.

I think spaces should be inviting, cheerful and comfortable. They should also tell a story of who you are and what you like. A home is an expression of who you are!

Living rooms especially should get the most design attention because it’s the place where friends and family gather the most. It should be warm and welcoming!

In a living room I like to start with all neutral colors. I start the base of the design with a large sofa, love seat and accent chair. Arranging them in a way where it’s easy to converse with your guests and allow easy traffic flow between rooms. This is one of the fun parts! Choosing your furniture. Your furniture makes a huge statement. It can set the tone for the entire space. You also want them to be very comfortable. There’s no point in choosing furniture that’s appealing to the eye if it’s hard as a rock.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.40.57 PM

For my dream living room I chose to use the layout of my mom’s new living room. She’s currently in the process of moving and I love the layout of her new living space. It’s big enough to have two sitting areas! Why have one living room when you can have two?! One side has a fireplace and the other has a great big window. It’s perfect for entertaining guests because there’s room to migrate from one side to the other. You can enjoy a nice fire or you can take a nap on a big sectional with a comfy ottoman.

Living Room Layout

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.41.16 PM

Living Room Design Board

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.04.15 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.03.55 PM

On one side I chose to start the design using this gorgeous sofa, accent chair and small ottoman from Arhaus.com. You can choose from several colors and I chose to go with a light neutral color. I also love the IKEA Ektorp sofas so I went with an off white loveseat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.47.40 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.48.21 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.48.51 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.53.40 PM

I love, love, looovvveee pillows! They’re my favorite way to add color to a room. Mixing solids and patterns always look great together in my opinion. Yellow always makes me feel happy and blue is more of a calming color. I try not to go to crazy with rugs because you want a good balance of colors and patterns. Jute rugs are super popular right now and so is the trellis pattern!

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.04.17 AM.png

Navy blue | Blue grain sack stripe | Yellow floral | Yellow pattern | White | Beige | Blue floral | Stay awhile | Let’s cuddle | Farmer’s


I decided on one side of the room I wanted a coffee table and the other side I wanted a large ottoman. I like variety. I thought pairing a super comfy sectional with the ottoman would work really well. You can curl up with a book or cup of coffee and it would almost feel like you’re on a bed. Arhaus has a wide variety of sectional sofas for your living room perfect for napping!

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 4.22.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.59.45 PM.png

For the accent chairs I always love oversized chairs that are tufted or have nailhead trim. Another great spot to curl up in!

When choosing end tables and coffee tables I try to mix things up! Different shapes add interest so I chose round end tables and a rectangle coffee table. I fell in love with the Arhaus coffee table. The light color brightens up the room and the legs are so gorgeous!

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 10.06.23 PM

Brown end table | Coffee table | White/brown end table | White end table

I chose a pretty console table to go behind the large sofa. I wanted to hide the back of the sofa but also break up the spaces and at the same time create a transition between each space. Adding lamps to the table create lighting for the middle of the room too. This table also opens up into a larger table so it has more than one purpose!

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 10.14.28 PM.png

Which leads me to the lamps! Lamps can make a space unique too!

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.08.13 AM.png

Glass lamp | White lamp | X lamp | Brown lamp | Light distressed lamp | Burlap lampshade

I didn’t have to think too hard on paint colors because I decided white shiplap would be gorgeous along the long wall. The white would open up the space and the boards running horizontal would make the room feel ever bigger! Adding stained barn doors would make a great contrast too!

I love brick. White washed brick especially. So adding some faux brick to one side of the space would add some character and balance out the brick fireplace on the other side of the room. I also decided to do a pretty wallpaper on the small wall by the fireplace. I love the look of chippy painted wood and I thought it would make that corner look unique and give the room that farmhouse country feel.

2016-06-05-11.35.032 (1)Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 10.56.00 PM.png

For the fireplace I would love to have a wood mantel with white shiplap and white washed brick with floor to ceiling shelving on each side. In our current home we have the television above our fireplace but in my dream home I would have a separate media room for the TV. Growing up in my mom’s house the living room was always the pretty room where company would gather and have conversations. So for this room I wouldn’t have a TV.

Fireplace Inspiration

Source: Instagram @the_cozy_nest
Source: Instagram @clarkedesigngrp

I love the look of wood so I decided to put a console table from Home Gallery Stores along one of the bare walls. Another beautiful statement piece. I should mention too that both the console tables, the barn doors and the X base end tables I would build myself. Choosing your own sizes and colors is always nice!


Greenery and flowers always make a space feel welcoming! I like to have real and faux flowers throughout our home! For decor items I love using vintage items, frames and candlesticks!

Last but not least I chose this beautiful fan for each side of the room. So two total. I love the thought of two fans in a large room circulating the air. Plus they look amazing and go with my design perfectly!

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 10.40.13 PM.png

There you have it! My dream living room! I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Make sure you take a moment to stop by Arhaus and checkout their amazing sectionals and sofas!

Let’s Take Another Look

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.04.15 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.03.55 PM


Space #1

Space #2

All opinions are my own. These design boards were created using Polyvore.com

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