IKEA Ektorp Sofa Review | 6 Months

Today I’m sharing about my IKEA Ektorp sofas! Yay! It’s been about six months since we’ve had these sofas and guess what… I still love them just as much as the first day I brought them home! So many of you have asked me questions about these sofas on Instagram. So lucky for you I’m going to share all about them! How I keep them clean, what I love about them, what I dislike about them and some advice for you lovely people who are considering purchasing these pretty sofas.

If you guys would like to see my pros and cons for these sofas too you can checkout my very first IKEA Ektorp review here!

Do you have pets and worry these sofas will be hard to keep clean? I don’t have dogs but I do have a black cat and let me tell ya!… she lays on every inch of each sofa we have. That means black hair gets everywhere! To keep my sofas clean I like to sometimes drape blankets over the arms of the couches. This helps hide hair on the sofas. Most of the hair gets on the blankets and not the sofas! Every now and then I go through and lint roll the hair off or vacuum it off. It’s really not that bad. I always do a quick check before company comes over to make sure they look clean and presentable!

As far as stains and spills my secret weapon is Shout. Might sound funny but it works! I just spray a little on the stain and use a damp warm rag to get it out. If it’s really bad I will do the same and then I’ll throw that one cover in the wash! In 6 months I’ve only washed every single cover at one time only 2 times! Not bad at all.

I do not have children so I’m sure one day when we do I will be doing a lot more washing. Who knows! My husband and I both have large families and they come over a lot. They also stay the night a lot and sleep on our sofas. So they get a lot of use! Did I say A LOT already? I’ve also read tons of blogs and I have talked to lots of women with dogs and kids and they love these sofas! They even have the white covers too.

When I wash the slipcovers I throw a few covers in the wash at a time. I use my regular detergent and a little bit of bleach. Then I throw them in the dryer til they are almost dry and kind of damp. You have to watch them and make sure they don’t dry all the way or they will shrink! You don’t want them to shrink because it will be a B word getting them back onto the sofa. Once they are damp/kinda dry you want to put them back onto the couches and let them air dry!

Are the couches comfortable? Yes! In my opinion they are comfy. When we first purchased them we thought they were really firm because we were used to a frumpy soft couch. Now that we have had these sofas for months we think they are so comfy! They are firm but not hard. Which is great because that should mean the cushions will keep their form for a long time! We watch movies on them, sleep on them and sit on them constantly!

Are you scared to purchase the white slipcovers? Don’t be! I’m so glad I chose the white covers! They are beautiful and clean up so well. You’re able to bleach them which you can’t do with any other colors! I also have a lot of pillows on mine so they barely get dirty. The white brightens up our living room and makes it so inviting!

Are the sofas shorter than a normal sofa? IKEA’s description says these sofas are short. I guess they are but they fit well in our space. I didn’t even notice they were shorter! It’s very unnoticeable to me. If that’s something you’re worried about you should definitely measure and checkout the sofa in the store before buying it.

Does your husband like these sofas? Will mine ever like these sofas? I hear this all the time! “My husband doesn’t like these sofas…” They may never like them! Almost every man dreams of having that black leather sectional. At least mine does. When I told him I wanted these sofas he thought I was nuts. Not his style at all. Of course they aren’t! If he loved these right off the bat I would worry a little bit… We compromised and he let me have the couches of my dreams so that one day when we have a bigger house with a family room he can have the sectional of his dreams. I can say that these sofas have grown on him. He thinks they look nice and he falls asleep on them all the time! So that’s sayin’ something!

Good quality? Yes! You would think these sofas were from Pottery Barn. The slipcovers are exceptional and they are solid sofas!

Would I recommend these to anyone? Yes! 100% you should get them if you’re thinking about it!

My only advice is if you have children and/or pets you should consider the darker colors. I’ve heard they hide stains better! Although I have been able to get stains out of my white couches. Make sure (like I have said twice already) you check out the sofas at the IKEA store to make sure they are really what you want! 

If you aren’t already sold on these sofas I really recommend you head over to another great blog post that sold me on these sofas! Click here to see it!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope this helps you make your decision and maybe even win the battle with your husband (wink wink!).




  • IKEA Ektorp sofa – Blekinge White (Might be out of stock)
  • Pillows – IKEA
  • Yellow pillows – Tjmaxx
  • Rug – Target
  • Coffee table – Ana White plans

If I missed anything and you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

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