DIY Orb Chandelier

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by! Today I’m sharing the blog post you’ve all been waiting for… Da da da! (Insert emoji of girl holding her hand out) My DIY orb chandelier made out of wine barrel hoops! Are you excited?! Woo hoo! Let’s get started shall we?!

I first decided to do this chandelier because 1) I wanted a new one. We recently got rid of our tall table and made our own regular 30 inch high round table. Which meant our other chandelier was way too high for our new table. Yes you can fix the height but who wants to take the time and spend the little amount of money to fix it when you can just spend more money and get a different chandelier?! Ha ha… 2) The old chandelier blended in too much. I loved the crystal style but the entire thing was white and just didn’t stand out against my white curtains and white shiplap wall (thumbs down). 3) I wanted a chandelier that wasn’t black (black would blend in with my curtain rod too much), wasn’t white (explained that already), and was a mix between rustic and glam (fancy farmhouse style). 4) I wanted to spend under $250 at the most and hopefully only spend under $150. Who was I kidding?!

I had a really hard time choosing a chandelier. Like searching all day long and all night long online/running out to different stores every day looking for one type of hard time! I stress way too much about things. That’s just me! Plus I jumped the gun and sold our old chandelier already so the hole in the ceiling needed to be filled pronto.

My first idea was a round wrought iron style chandelier (yes I know most of the time they are black or bronze which is what I didn’t want) and my other idea was a wood chandelier. I liked orb chandeliers but every single orb I saw I didn’t like the shape of them or they had too many hoops for my liking. If I decided on an orb chandelier I also wanted one with an actual crystal chandelier inside of it… and man those are pricey! I realized all the chandeliers I found that I “sort of” liked were out of my price range and I wasn’t going to spend $300 on a chandelier I “sort of” liked.

So how did I find my solution?! Of course! DIY one! Then it would be exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the price. I’m not sure if anyone else’s phone is like mine… but I have tons of photos saved in my phone of things that I saw online or on Instagram that I loved and took a screenshot of. Like these photos right here from Olive and Ford Design:


Uhhh…. are you drooling right now like I am?! Gorgeous right?! I had to have this! I did a little research and digging. Found out that this chandelier is from Home Depot and costs only $99. Heck yes! All I needed next was the hoops. Looking at this photo I had no idea what these hoops were made of. That wasn’t going to stop me! At first I thought I could make them out of thin pieces of wood. You can bend wood right? Yeah that didn’t work. Then I purchased strips of wood veneer and they were way too flexible. At this point I was pretty frustrated. I live for this stuff though! Persevering, brainstorming and working hard to make my vision a reality. Even if it takes a lot of trial and error.

I went back to these photos on Instagram and read some of the comments. They are wine barrel hoops! Um duh. Why didn’t I think of that?!

Movin’ on! I needed to find these dang hoops. I looked on Craigslist, eBay, called some local wineries and found nothing. People sold the barrels but they were like 90 bucks a piece and all I needed were the hoops!

Finally I found some on ETSY! I emailed tons of people and got one response back from a really nice guy. David from The Wine Barrel. David you’re a life saver! I measured the chandelier and figured out I needed 4 hoops measured at 25 inches. 25 inches would leave a 2 inch gap all the way around the crystal chandelier. I was still worried with the way I wanted the orb to be that all the hoops wouldn’t fit inside of each other. Instead of doing a criss cross design I wanted a 4 piece orb. So like the crazy person I am I sent some photos of orbs I liked to David, told him my plan and asked if he could fit (4) 25 inch hoops together to make the orb. If it worked I would order them. Not even a minute later I received a photo back from him with all the hoops together making a perfect orb! I was ecstatic! Who does that?! He said if it was what I wanted he could box them up and send them that same day once they were payed for!

I only needed 4 hoops but his order includes 5 which works great because then you have an extra one if you make a boo boo when you’re making your orb. I have to warn you too that shipping is pretty expensive if you live on the west coast. The hoops are coming from New York so if you live on the east coast and you’re ordering your hoops yay for you! Shipping shouldn’t be too much. For me the shipping was about $40. It was totally worth it though because all together the hoops + the chandelier was $160. I was getting exactly what I wanted and saving almost $100. I placed my order and the hoops arrived about a week later.


Everyone thought I bought the orb like this but it came in separate pieces and I just stuck them together to see how it was going look. Just a little heads up! This orb is heavy. The hoops don’t fit together perfectly because they bend in a little bit so you’ll want to get it as perfect as you can get it.


Out of all my DIY projects this was probably the hardest one to do. I rate it: hard and difficult. It’s definitely worth it but it’s a pain in the butt. It’s not easy and requires an extra hand maybe even 2 people to help you.

Tid Bit

Make sure before you decide to take on this project you know how to install a light fixture. I don’t explain how to hang it in this post! Sorry in advance.

Shopping List:

  • Chandelier
  • Hoops (make sure you direct message the shop owner to make a custom order)
  • Machine screws (32 x 5/8 in. 8 pack)
  • Coupling nuts (1/4 in. 20 x 7/8 in. 3 pack)
  • Eyebolt with nut (1/4 in. x 2 in. 2 pack)
  • Large flat washer
  • Oil for tools


Here’s all the small hardware we had to purchase. It was all on the same Isle at home Depot and didn’t cost much. This is what you will use to attach all the hoops together and what you will use to hang the chandelier inside of the orb.


Without these little guys this entire chandelier is not possible!


We only ended up using the 32 x 5/8 inch screws (left). The other ones were too short.


These are the drill bits we used. For the top holes we used the 1/2 bit. Using this drill bit you’ll end up drilling 3 holes total. One in 3 different hoops. These 3 hoops will cross each other on the top and bottom of your orb. You’ll want one hole to fit your hanging hardware.


To mark your spots for the holes you’ll need to set up your orb using the 3 hoops you like best. Once they were lined up I flipped the orb upside down and marked my first dot with a sharpie. I carefully moved one hoop and marked a dot underneath and then one more time. There’s no perfect way to do this. Just be careful and take your time!


I had my husband drill all the holes. We stuck the hoops in our vise so they would be secure while drilling. He decided to add a few drops of oil onto the spot where he was drilling. This would make the drill run more smoothly while drilling into the metal. We just used some random air compressor oil we had lying around.


It helped to drill on one side to make the hole and then flip it over and keep drilling in that same hole. For some reason the drill didn’t want to make the hole big enough on one side.


You should have a hole like this in all 3 hoops:


After my husband drilled each hole I would follow behind him with our shop vac cleaning up the metal shavings.


Next step is making the hole for the bottom of the orb for the screw to go into. You’ll want to put the orb back together again fitting the hooks into the top just like you would have it once it’s actually hanging.


Mark the bottom the same as how you marked for the top holes.


For these holes you’ll want to use your 3/16 drill bit for the small screws to go into. When you take the orb apart to drill the holes make sure you remember the order they were in!


Insert your screws facing into the orb and add your nut to keep the hoops secure. We then realized the hooks were too long so you’ll want to take your reciprocating saw and cut part of the ends off. Be safe during this step! Use the proper eye protection and keep hands clear of the saw. The easiest way to get your cuts is to stick the hooks in your vise too!


The hooks should both fit snug after you do this! Screw one in on one side, stick it through the hoop hole and screw in the other side.


You don’t have to put the chandelier inside the orb yet. We did this to show what the hooks should look like with the chandelier. We also used the same saw to cut a chunk off the end of the bottom hook. This allows the hook to attach to the crystal chandelier’s top hoop.


We then realized another thing! We needed to add a washer above the lower hook to keep everything from sliding down. Works like a charm! The washers hole wasn’t big enough to fit around the hook threads so we made the hole bigger using our 1/4 drill bit.


You’re halfway done! Next part is getting the horizontal hoop on and drilling all your holes. This is honestly the hardest part.


You’ll want to pull on the top to make sure you can get the orb upright how it will hang when it’s installed. Then slip the 4th hoop over the other hoops. Get it centered and how you want it. Spinning the orb making sure it’s even on every side. It’s not going to be perfect because the hoops aren’t all perfect but get it centered and even the best you can!


Mark all the inside center spots with your sharpie and all of the outside spots. In all my marks and spots where we would be drilling holes I tried to make sure it was not where the metal was double the thickness. Like where the hoop itself has the bolts on it. You can drill through those spots but it’s just going to be more work!


(Ignore our messy garage! With all our projects going on 24/7 it never stays clean!)


Before taking your orb apart make sure you know how it was put together and what hoop was where. You don’t want to mix up your hoops! After all your holes are made you can put your first three hoops together, add the chandelier, arrange the hoops and add the outer hoop. Then you can add your screws and secure your orb! Yay! Congratulations you did it!


My last tip for you guys! I didn’t realize til the very end that I didn’t have a spot for the wires. Woops! The only place to put them is around the hoops at the top. Once your orb is hung you won’t even notice it!

I ran the wires between the chain and had my husband install my new orb chandelier! Just an FIY I had to hold it while he installed it and that ish was heavy! Like no joke. I got my workout in for the day! We only needed two links for hanging the chandelier including the two links that open and close! So 4 chain links! This thing is BIG. That’s for our (about) 91 inch ceilings.


Drum roll please!….

The Finished Look


Another DIY for the books! This one was definitely a challenge but so worth it! I’m so happy with my new chandelier. I love it even more because I made it and it was inexpensive! The perfect look of rustic and glam. My favorite! Please feel free to ask any questions! (My opinions and tutorial are my own. This was not to promote or advertise any products.)

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Thank you so much for checking out this blog post! I love feedback so let me know what you think! If you make this chandelier please tag me on Instagram (@mydivinehome). I would love to see how yours turns out! Oh and I also wanted to mention you can always try to make an orb out of a different material. These galvanized hoops might be a little intimidating! You could try embroidery hoops with a smaller crystal chandelier. Embroidery hoops make great orbs!

Happy DIY-ing!



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