How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

Today I’m sharing another inexpensive easy DIY for your home. Along with updating everything in our main bathroom I also wanted to update our mirror. Some of you probably have the same mirror! Huge mirror attached to the wall with clips and no frame. Or maybe even glued?! Our mirror was actually from the master bedroom closet door! We thought we could repurpose it and use it as our bathroom mirror to save some money. Since we were planning on getting rid of them anyway! It actually worked and I think it’s pretty awesome we were able to use something that was part of the original house!

When we attached it to the wall we centered it to where one day I could add a border around it if I wanted to. Then my husband decided to add an outlet on the left side of it… which he then noticed when he opened up the wall there was a pipe from our toilet in the way. So he had to move the outlet even closer to our mirror. This caused a problem in adding a frame around the mirror. Instead of putting it on the outside I had to figure out a way to put it onto mirror. We also didn’t want to have to take the mirror down to add a border.

Easy peasy! I did some research and found out you can actually glue a frame onto your mirror! Here are my favorite tutorials:

There was another tutorial I really liked but I can’t seem to find it again! In the missing tutorial they used Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive. I really wanted to purchase the Liquid Nails and use it but I could not find it anywhere in store. So I went with a different product that was highly recommended by several different people we know. I was still a little worried because I wanted a glue that would dry almost instantly. There was no way we were going to be able to clamp down our frame to let it dry for a few hours.

We purchased our glue, two 10′ pieces of 1 x 4 pine, some stain and headed home to make our frame. Make sure you measure the size of your mirror before you go to the store!

Here’s what you will need:


First things first was measuring out our mirror and cutting our pieces. You make your straight edge cuts first. Then your angle cuts. You will end up with 4 pieces. A top, right, bottom and left piece. We made our cuts just a finger nail line extra so the trim would hide the edges of the mirror. You can make a bigger overhang if that’s what you prefer. We couldn’t push our trim out any further because it would run into our outlet on the side of our mirror.


I then marked my piece of wood to get ready for my 45 degree cut. Your miter saw should be able to move over to the 45 degree spot and click into place. Make sure you lock it into place so it doesn’t decide to move on you when you’re cutting your pieces!


Here’s a diagram of what your cuts should look like:Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.52.04 AMNow onto those annoying clips! We had to measure and mark where we needed to make our cuts for the clips. To make your mirror trim flush to the mirror you have to router out an indentation for your clips to hide in. Measure the depth of your clips and set your router depth to that measurement. We then measured from each side of the mirror to the clips to get our measurements for the clip cuts.


We also marked the back of our pieces with their position so we wouldn’t get them all mixed up!


From previous projects we had to purchase a new router. We love this router! It allows you to switch from a 1/4″ bit to a half inch bit. For this project we used a 1/4″ square bit.


Your cut doesn’t have to be perfect. You just need it big enough to fit your clips inside of it. You won’t see this cut when your frame is up on your mirror. We only had to make cuts on our top and bottom pieces. Our side pieces didn’t have clips so that was nice!


My favorite step! Adding the frame to your mirror! Have your duct tape and glue handy. It also helps to have a second person when attaching your frame.


We added the bottom piece first. I had my husband hold the piece where I wanted it. I used my level to make sure it was perfectly level. Then I started taping! Our solution for not being able to use clamps to hold the frame in place. It worked out great! The more tape the better!


We added the sides next and the top piece last!


We found out the best way to tape was attaching it closest to the frame. Glue dries in 30 minutes and cures in 24 hours. We let it dry over night and it was good to go!


You’re done! Stand back and admire your work!… and yourself (wink wink).




Our bathroom was great before but I didn’t know it could look this good. Okay maybe I did… My husband is such a trooper. He doesn’t understand my vision until it’s complete. We are both so happy with the end result. I hope this tutorial inspires you! You can do this! I believe in you! Happy DIY-ing!

P.S. You can pin any of these photos and save this project for later!




8 thoughts on “How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

    1. Hi Kelly! It’s Dark Walnut by Minwax but it didn’t show up too dark on our wood so if you decide to use it make sure you test it on a piece of wood first! If it ends up being too dark for you I would try Special Walnut by Minwax. It’s a shade lighter!


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