Front Door Update

Are you guys ready to see this transformation?! On top of all the other projects I’ve got going on this was one I really wanted to get done. I was cleaning my living room the other day, looked over and realized I’ve updated almost every single thing in our home except for the front door. Of course I would love to buy a brand new door but that would cost hundreds of dollars and get very complicated in removing the old door + door frame. So I decided to keep our current front door and paint it! I was a little intimidated because our door is made of steel not wood and I wasn’t sure how well the paint was going to stick. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought! My husband was out of town for work this week so my mission was to get it done before he came home. It took about one full day to finish this entire project. I’m so happy with how it turned out and I hope it inspires you to tackle your own front door!


Source: Little House of Four
Source: Pinterest
Source: Dear Lillie

I decided to paint our front door black because I really love farmhouse style and I’ve noticed a lot of modern farmhouses have black interior doors. This doesn’t mean I want to paint all my interior doors. I just wanted my front door to make a statement. It’s a bold color that gives off a fancy rich feel. I decided to also update the trim around the door. I wanted something… you guessed it… farmhouse style!

Source: Jenna Sue

So the color I ended up going with is called “Dark Kettle Black” by Valspar. I chose a satin finish because I love the more flat look. My color inspiration is from Jenna Sue. If you guys haven’t noticed yet she is my favorite! I love everything she does!


Source: Pinterest
Source: Cape 27

How did I do the trim? I followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest by Cape 27. I did customize the measurements just a tad. I wanted it to look a certain way. Let’s checkout the before pictures shall we?!



First step was removing the old trim. I used a hammer and popped them all off. Super easy!


Next I painted the door frame white. It was grey before and since I was going to add new white trim I wanted it to blend in. There was no way for me to cover it up because you have to leave room for the door hinges and door strike. After that was all dry I taped off everything I didn’t want to get black paint on.


I purchased (3) 8 foot pieces of 1 x 3 MDF trim and (1) 8 foot 1 x 2 piece of MDF. I found these at Lowe’s and I’ve used them before on our kitchen window trim. I painted them first before I installed them. I used “Ultra White” satin Valspar Signature paint. 2 coats did the job!

Before I started painting the door I sanded the door down by hand with 120 grit sandpaper. I didn’t go too crazy. I just roughed it up enough for the paint to stick. I sanded in an up and down direction just incase it decided to leave marks on the door (thank goodness it didn’t!). I used a small paint roller and brush to paint the door. I applied one coat of primer using Kilz 2 latex primer. Sanded it a little more after the first coat and then I started painting with my black paint!


I used my brush to paint inside all the squares and rectangles, around the handles and in the side cracks. I also opened the door up to paint the top and right side. I painted inside the door on the right as well since people would see that when the door is opened. I then quickly painted over everything (including where I used my brush) with my roller. Painting was tricky but you just have to pay attention to the details and not use too much paint or it will drip all over the place. Just be patient and do whatever you need to do to get all the different crevices painted. I only had to use two coats of the black paint. It covered really well. Then I went back and touched up some spots with my roller!


Once it was all dry It was time to add my trim! I was a little nervous because like I’ve learned from past projects ceilings and doors are never perfectly straight or level.


Since I had to add the trim about a quarter inch away from the door to make room for the hinges and strike I wanted to have a quarter inch above the door as well. That made things kind of tricky. I measured from the floor up to the top of the door and then added 1/4 of an inch to my measurement. I also measured the other side and made sure the measurements were the same. They could be different if your door is not level. Thankfully my door is level (Woo hoo!) but the ceiling is not.

As I attached a piece of trim to each side I leveled it each time I added a nail. Once my pieces were attached it was time for the top part! I was going to attach each piece one by one and realized that wasn’t possible. My nail gun wouldn’t fit up at the top. So I looked at the tutorial again and realized I had to build the top part first and then attach it.


You want your middle 1 x 3 piece to be the same size as the length of the bottom two pieces that are already nailed to the wall. I wanted the 1 x 2’s to come out a half inch on each side. Once everything is measured and cut to size you’ll need to nail them together. Keep your hand far away from the gun. You don’t want to put a nail in your finger!


You can see here the quarter inch space I had to leave for the strike and hinges.


Here is an up close photo of the sides being a quarter inch higher than the door frame. After you have attached all your trim sand down the nail holes, fill them with wood filler, let it dry, sand the wood filler off and paint over the spots! You can also caulk the edges of everything if you feel the need to. I haven’t yet and I’m not sure if I’m going to!





A world of difference! I just can’t get over it! Paint can change the look of anything drastically and new trim can make a home look new and modern. I am extremely happy with the results and I can’t wait to surprise the hubs! This weekend I’m planning on painting the front of the door. I can’t wait to see how much it changes the look of the front of the house!

Thanks for stopping by!



  • Door color – Dark Kettle Black by Valspar Signature in satin from Lowe’s | $34
  • Trim – Lowe’s | $24
  • Trim color – Ultra White by Valspar Signature in satin from Lowe’s | $34
  • Wall color – Bar Harbor Beige by Benjamin Moore (Purchased this in Valspar paint) | $34
  • Primer – Kilz 2 Latex primer 2 gallon from Home Depot | $23
  • Jute rug – Lowe’s | $13

Most of the paint & supplies I had on hand. The overall cost of this project was $60

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