Mama’s Table

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We did something a little different this Easter. Over the weekend my husband and I took a little road trip with my parents over to my grandparents house in La Pine, Oregon. It was much needed. Even though it was only about 2 hours away we felt like we were on a planet with no other people! So quiet, relaxing and serene.

My parents are actually buying my grandparents house in a couple months so my grandparents can down grade to a smaller home. Since my parents aren’t all the way moved in yet I wanted to make things a little more exciting and special for my mom. She is itching to move in and make it her own! She’s getting all new furniture and one of the first things on her want list was a new dining table for their new place! I just had to hurry and get this table done so we could take it with us! I decided the day before we left it needed to come with us… (why do I always wait til the last minute?!) I prepped it at my house, we brought it over to La Pine and then I finished it there! I actually got this table from a customer for FREE! It was sitting in her garage and she wanted to get rid of it so of course I took it off her hands!

I just love this transformation so much that I wanted to share some photos with you guys! It took a lot of hard work, time and patients to flip this piece of furniture but so worth it.


Probably the worst part… Stripping the paint off the top. Hours of scraping… Then I gave up and decided to sand the rest of the paint off with my sheet sander (I should have used a belt sander!). One of my favorite parts to refinishing table tops is revealing the wood underneath. It’s always a surprise to see what you’re going to get. To my surprise the wood was gorgeous!

I love the look of unfinished wood. So fresh and so clean! Hours later and here she is in her natural beauty!

Here’s my mom helping me prime the base! You can also see the stained top! We chose a medium dark stain “Dark Walnut” by Minwax. I wanted a good contrast between the top and the bottom colors so the wood would stand out and pop! I sealed the top with Varathane polyurethane in a satin finish.



Ta da! This table is gorgeous and I’m so glad I took her home with me! Don’t be intimidated by paint people! It’s hard work to remove it but so worth it and you will be so happy you did. My mom loves this table and I’m so happy it will be in the family for years to come!

Thanks so much for stopping by! For more furniture fun you can follow me on Snapchat! Username: mrswalkerm




  • Stain: Minwax “Dark Walnut” (2 coats)
  • Wood sealer: Varathane polyurethane satin (2 coats)
  • Paint: Valspar “Four Winds” flat exterior (2 coats)
  • Primer: Kilz 2 latex interior (2 coats)

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