Chalk Paint Lamp DIY

I am super excited to share this fun inexpensive DIY with you guys! Are you ready?! Here we go!… A few months ago I decided to change up our master bedroom. I wanted to get rid of all my silver accents and incorporate wood and neutral elements. Which meant I had to get rid of my glass lamps. I loved them don’t get me wrong!… but I was ready for a change. I’m on that farmhouse kick right now and every room is changing! I blame Chip and Joanna!

I sold my lamps so I needed to find a new set. I was thinking wood or something in the neutral color pallet. I have experience with finding lamps from when I had to find some for our living room. It’s not fun, stuff is overpriced and lamps start to look like weird shapes once you’ve looked at so many! I spent over $60 on a set of wood ones. I love them but now I feel so stupid for forking over that money! I could of just made my own!


For awhile I had this photo of a lamp DIY project in my phone. The photo and project is by my Instagram friend Nicole (@fortheloveofgray). You must follow her right now! I’m a fan of her beautiful feed. Anywho, I went back to that photo and decided I would try it! I was so pumped. I even drug my poor husband around town to all of our thrift stores looking for brass lamps! It didn’t take long and we hit the mother load. I found two identical brass lamps at St Vinnies for $10 a piece and 25% off. Gotta love those colored stickers! I took those babies home for 15 bucks!


I should mention this project was about $20 plus the two new lamp shades (priced at $12 a piece) I had to purchase. I already had my own chalk paint on hand and the only other thing I needed was some wax! So I hit up Walmart and bought some random dark wax. I have never used wax before so this was my first time! Super exciting.


I used 2 coats of Rustoleum “Linen White” chalk paint. Make sure all coats are dry before adding another one or starting the wax! I didn’t even clean up the lamps first because I thought even if they were dirty they would look even more aged when I added my paint. What I love about this chalk paint is that it dries super fast! Which creates a thick chalky look. So pretty! I was expecting my paint to come out smooth but it actually ended up showing my brush lines a lot. It didn’t bother me though because that’s what gave my lamps a wood look!

You can pretty much use any base color depending on what look you are going for. I used white expecting to antique it a little bit. You could always just leave your lamps white if that’s what you desire to do! Once my lamps were dry I started on the wax. I have never used wax before let alone this type of brand. Plus the paint brand and the wax brand were not the same so they probably worked together different.


This wax was about $7 at Walmart. I used a rag that had some little bumps on it. I didn’t think it would matter and I’m not sure if it made a difference in applying the wax. I dipped my rag inside of the bottle, wiped most of it on my paper bag so it wouldn’t go on too dark, then I started wiping it on my lamp in a horizontal motion back and forth. I wiped it around the lamp and started mostly on all of the detailed parts. I ended up applying the wax to the entire lamp. It’s fun because you can choose how much you want and you can also make it darker by adding more wax if that’s the look you’re going for.

That’s it! So simple, fast and inexpensive! Makes me wish I would have done this for our living room lamps. It’s also quite addicting! I’m planning on getting a few more lamps for our entryway! I was also thinking that you could do this to anything. Candlesticks… frames… furniture… etc. I may have to find me some brass candlesticks!

Thanks for checking out this tutorial. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask! If you love these nightstands head over to my IKEA Rasta Hack!




  • Lamps – St. Vincent De paul
  • Lamp shades – Walmart
  • Old glass lamps & shades – Target
  • Rustoleum chalk paint – Jerry’s Home Improvement
  • Wax – Walmart

2 thoughts on “Chalk Paint Lamp DIY

  1. I tried doing the lamps the DiY projects and didn’t come out the way that you did I was wondering what did you use to do the wax with what kind of rag? do you think you’ll be able to do like a YouTube video showing us exactly


    1. Hi Crystal, I’m sorry yours didn’t turn out right. I used a small dish rag. The trick is to dab your rag in the wax and wipe a lot of it onto a paper plate or piece of paper then apply it to the lamps. You don’t want a ton of wax on your rag. Unfortunately right now I don’t do video tutorials. I might one day. I’m sorry!


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