IKEA Rasta Hack

A few months ago I purchased 2 of the Rasta dressers from IKEA. My husband and I needed some closet organization BAD. He told me he hated those nice built-in closet organizers (which I love) so I tried to find some small inexpensive dressers for the bottom of our closet. These dressers were perfect. Until a few weeks later I realized they just did not work. Our clothes were falling out and you couldn’t even close the drawers. We just had too many clothes! When I bought these dressers I always knew I could use them for something else if we didn’t want to use them in our closet anymore.

I thought they would at least work for a few years! Not the case… Which is totally okay because I had an even better plan for them! I looked up different Rast IKEA hacks on Pinterest and google. I knew I wanted to do something similar but not exact because I hate copying people! I like to be original. Long story short I ended up copying because it just turned out that way… Oopsies! Let’s just say I loved this hack so much I had to have the same look!



You can find this amazing tutorial on Alicia’s blog (Thrifty & Chic)! I actually follow her on Instagram and she is so talented and inspiring!

Like I said before I didn’t intentionally copy her! I tried to do a darker more brown stain and when I went to purchase some knobs they were insanely EXPENSIVE! Oh my word… I was standing in the Home Depot knob isle and almost had a melt down… How in the world was I going to find a good deal on 18 pulls?! I’ll tell you how. I walked right out of that Home Depot empty handed and looked up Alicia’s blog post to see where she got hers. Answer: The one and only Hobby Lobby! They were $4 a piece and %50 off. So 2 bucks a piece! Cheapest I could find with the same look I was going for. I ordered those puppies right away! So yes I did the same exact knobs…


You’ll want to take out all the drawers. Then take off the drawer fronts. Put all the small pieces in a baggy so you don’t lose them! Then paint, paint, paint…


I didn’t prime because the wood was rough and unfinished. I did 2 coats of BEHR Premium Plus paint. Ultra Pure White (as you can see). It’s just an extra thing of paint I had found in our garage. Score! It was also satin which is my favorite. Couldn’t of been more perfect!


I painted into the dresser a little more so when the drawers were in the sides were white. Sometimes you paint the fronts of furniture, stick the drawers in and realize you have more painting to do… Not fun.


Next step! Using your router to create the extra drawer effect! When I saw this step in Allison’s tutorial I thought nope!… Can’t do this project. Too hard. I don’t know how to use a router! Then I thought you know what! I can do this. I got this! (I hope I’m not the only person who gives themselves a pep talk! Lol)


My husband and I didn’t have a router so I borrowed my father-in-laws. He verbally explained how to use it and then my husband tried to show me. Then I took over from there! From the middle of the bit to the outside of the router is 3 inches. So you want to draw a straight line where you want your fake drawer line. Router in that spot and add a straight scrap piece of wood 3 inches to the right or left. Whichever you prefer and feels most comfortable when you have to actually use your router. I never would have known how to do this reading other tutorials! So I hope this makes sense to you guys!


You want double check your lines and measurements throughout this process to make sure everything is perfect! I also borrowed some clamps. You will need at least one to keep the piece of scrap wood straight.


Before you start making your lines you’ll want to do some practice lines first! Do this on a scrap piece of wood (not on the drawer fronts!). My Father-in-law only had a square bit for his router. I tried it and really did not like it… but you might like this yourself. So because I didn’t like it I had to go purchase a different one.

The new bit was $30… Yeah I almost sh** myself when the Jerry’s guy told me. It had to be done though! The perfectionist in me had to get it. Here’s where this inexpensive project turned into not so inexpensive… You know that saying “Why buy it for $7 when you can make it yourself with $92 in craft supplies!”


Here’s what the new bit looked like. More of a V instead of a square. This is what the packaging looks like just incase you guys are needing the same!


I can’t really say exactly how far I pushed the bit out. You just want it to poke out enough to create a small V. This is why practice runs are a good idea!


A comparison. This is on a scrap piece of wood. Not the drawer front.


Here is a the finished look after using the router on my first drawer front.


So much better! Feels nice getting stuff done on your own! Did this without my hubby’s help! Once you get going and get a rhythm it gets done pretty fast.


Best wood putty ever! Pink when you apply it and turns a tan color when it’s dry. I love it! Used this to fill the old holes.


Once the wood putty was dry I hand sanded it down. Then started staining! I chose Minwax “Classic Grey” first to make it look more aged and then used Minwax “Special Walnut” on top.

My knobs finally came in the mail. Took about a week! First I made a stencil so I could get each knob perfectly placed. I had the drawers already put together and inside the dresser. Made it easier to put them on surprisingly. Got this idea from Alicia too!


The pulls didn’t come with screws so I had to get creative. I used 3/4″ wood screws. Drilled them into some cardboard and sprayed them with some spray paint I already had.


I had this hammered black color. Sprayed the screws with one coat. Then lightly sprayed them with gold and then went back over them and lightly sprayed with the black again.


I was super excited with how they turned out! They literally matched perfectly!




Project complete! My new nightstands add so much warmth and interest to our bedroom. Exactly what I was looking for. If you guys have any questions don’t be afraid to ask! Thanks for checking out this tutorial. I hope you will be inspired to do one of your own!

Stay tuned for my Tarva dresser hack coming soon! Did you forget I had to put our clothes somewhere?!…

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