IKEA Ektorp Sofa Review | Day 1

Hey guys! Most of you follow me on Instagram so you probably know that I just purchased some new IKEA couches! You also might know my struggle of getting rid of our sectional my husband loved so much. One day he woke up and told me he was ready to get a new couch! So of course I didn’t think twice and sold that baby in 3 days! New years day we drove 2 hours to our IKEA and purchased the Ektorp love seat + sofa in the color Blekinge White. Some of you might be considering getting the Ektorp sofa or love seat like me so I hope this review helps you make your decision!

Whenever I am looking to buy something I like I always do my research. I look up the item on Pinterest to find photos, blog posts and reviews. I search the item’s hashtag on Instagram. You might be surprised on how many photos you will find on there! I google the item and I also asked my Instagram friends if they have heard of it or what their opinions are on it.

We sold our sectional for $500 and my husband wanted that to be our budget for buying a sofa + a love seat. I told him that was impossible! I also showed him how impossible it was by going to a furniture store. We knew we weren’t going to find a sofa and a love seat together under a grand. It was nearly impossible! Especially finding one that was comfy and looked pretty.

One day I saw the Ektorp sofa in white on Instagram and I fell in love. I did my research and found out our IKEA had them in stock in almost every color. I needed to know if they were good quality, comfortable and see if I could get my husband on board with purchasing them.


  • It’s a sofa with a slipcover so it’s much easier to clean if you have spills rather than a nice expensive sofa you can’t really clean. You can spot clean but with an Ektorp you can just take off one of the covers and throw it in the wash! The white slip cover allows you to bleach it as well. Great with kids and pets! If your slipcover gets really bad you can just buy a new one to replace the old one! (Keep a lint roller handy if you have pets!)
  • It’s a great price! The sofa + the slipcover was $400 and the love seat + slipcover was $379. That’s two couches under $800!
  • It comes in a verity of colors.
  • You can buy it in store or purchase it online!
  • For comfort it’s actually quite comfortable. It isn’t super squishy and it isn’t rock hard. It is pretty firm but I’m hoping that means it will keep it’s cushion form for a long time. It’s day 2 of having them and they’ve actually been broken in pretty well. I’m currently laying on the love seat and husband is laying on the sofa. Super comfy to lay on and watch movies! 2 days and we already had two people earlier today take naps on the love seat! That must mean something! Oh and the kitty too!
My sister and Cody’s brother!
  • They are very easy to put together!
  • Last but not least, they are so appealing to the eye! I love the way they look! They don’t look like a $400 couch. They look like they are from a high end store! Very well made and the slip covers are high quality! The piping on the edges is sewn perfectly and it makes the couch look sleek with clean lines.


  • IKEA is imfamous for missing pieces in packages or missing screws. So there’s a 50/50 chance that could happen. If you live 2 hours away from your IKEA (like us) that could be an issue for exchanging… Luckily that didn’t happen to us!
  • Be prepared for a workout! Putting on the slip covers is a pain in the rear! Plus when you take the slipcovers out of the box they are wrinkly so you will have to have your iron and ironing board ready!

I haven’t had my couches for too long yet so I’m not sure how washing them will be like. It shows on the tag to have the slipcovers dry cleaned but I wall probably try to wash and bleach them myself! I will also wash them and hang them to dry because they were already hard to get over the cushions. I can’t imagine trying to put them on after they came out of the dryer but you can do whatever you’d like!


Here are some photos of when we brought the couches home and when we first started putting them together. Or should I say when “I” put them together…


If you don’t use the loading dock when taking home your couches you will surely have so much fun wheeling these to your car!


Here’s what I mean’t when I said “I” put them together…


Here you can see how big and firm the sofa cushions are. Great quality.


The only issue I had… which almost made me cry and want to take these back to the store!… was when I was putting the couch arms on and the bolts were too short for the washers and the nuts. I thought IKEA had messed up and made the bolts too short. I calmed myself down and looked at the directions again. You will understand all this when you put your couch together! The IKEA instructions show to add the bolts and tighten them all the way down. You DO NOT want to do that. Tighten them just enough but not all the way. So when you stick the arms on and the bolts go through the holes they will stick out just enough for the washers and nuts to go on.

Here’s an example of what it looked like when it was too short:


It also made the arm crooked. Once everything was fixed it all came together really well. Instead of getting mad at IKEA I looked at the problem and realized it was my fault all along!


Here’s what the love seat started looking like! Starting to take shape!


Here’s a photo of my amazing husband helping me tighten everything. He did end up helping me with that part… Hehe.


This is what the slipcover comes in! It is sold separately from the large box the sofa comes in.


Ready for the big reveal?!

Order your new IKEA ektorp here! (Keep in mind IKEA only carries certain color slipcovers online. We had to purchase ours in store.)

I hope this blog post inspired you or maybe helped you take the plunge on getting these sofas! I sure love them! Thanks for stopping by!



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