Kitchen Window Update | DIY Trim

Hi friends! Long time no see! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I didn’t waste anytime getting back into projects after Christmas!

We were gifted an air compressor this Christmas which included a nail gun and staple gun. Such a blessing! It came in handy with this project I’m about to share!

Some of you may of heard (If you follow me on Instagram) that my husband and I are doing a full update on our kitchen. Yes again… When we first moved in we did what we could with the money we had. One year later and I’m ready to make this galley kitchen my dream kitchen! We’ve been told to wait til we move again… Wait until we have a bigger kitchen… but guys… I’ve been itching to revamp this kitchen! I mean what could be so wrong with that?!

Anywho, here’s our first project on our kitchen remodel list! We are going to be replacing the old countertops and adding a backsplash. So to do things the right way and prepare for the backsplash I talked my husband into reframing our kitchen window! I looked up ideas and tutorials on Pinterest. I thought it would be super easy and guess what?! It was!

You can also check out my Instagram friend Lindsay’s awesome tutorial on her blog! It helped motivate me to get this done. Thanks Lindsay!

Here are some examples of window trims I loved that I found on Pinterest.


You never really appreciate a good trim until you want to change yours!



It didn’t look too bad. Just wasn’t what I wanted. This was the original framing from when the house was built in the 70’s. It used to be brown and was painted white when we first moved in.



Using a hammer and screwdriver we popped off the old trim. It came off pretty easily. We added a piece of 1 x 3 trim wood to each side. You want to cut it to fit from the top of the window to the bottom so you can fit the 1 x 2 perfectly underneath.


After adding the sides we added the 1 x 2 to the bottom and gave the sides of the 1 x 2 a half inch over hang.


Now here was our dilemma! Which might help someone else trying this project! We loved the ideas I found on Pinterest but when we tried them on our window we didn’t like them so much. Mostly because the cabinets are so close to the window. Here’s some options we looked at:

Or without the bottom piece…
Or without the top piece…

It was so hard to decide! We ended up going with the last option because we wanted the backsplash to run all the way up to the window. Just incase water would splash up from the sink. It wouldn’t get all over the trim. We also chose the top piece to be more simple. With the shelf up top it looked too squished. Now watch me change my mind tomorrow…

Just a little heads up! If you are working in a tight space and choose to do the top using (2) 1 x 2’s and a 1 x 3. Make sure you put it together before attaching it to the top. You won’t be able to get your nail gun to fit up there! Click here to see another helpful tutorial.


Here’s my hubby filling the nail holes! Don’t worry… I helped too! All that’s left was painting and caulking!





Well there you have it! One more project crossed off the list! Stay tuned for more kitchen renovations. Next up… Backsplash and countertops!


  • Bamboo shades – Home Depot (Honey Bamboo Weave)
  • Wood trim – Home Depot (1 x 2’s & 1 x 3’s)
  • Trim color – Valspar Aspire in White
  • Wall color – Cape Hatteras Sand by Benjamin Moore color matched to Valspar in Eggshell Signature


I could not find bamboo shades for the length of this window in the color I wanted. Home Depot had every color in the width I needed (34″) but they only had it in the length of 72″. Yes I know… way too long! This window is 34″ x 34″. So to solve this problem I purchased the 34″ x 72″ and cut them to the right length. It was more expensive BUT I got the size width I needed which was super important. To cut the blinds length wise I just watched Home Depots video tutorial and it was super easy! Go check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!

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