Refurbished Consoles | Before + After

Hi loves! Some of you follow me on Instagram and have asked me tons of questions about these dressers I refinished. So I’m hoping this blog post will answer all your questions! Yet again I didn’t take enough progress photos of this transformation… I was in a hurry to get this order done so I only took a few! I promise next time I will take tons of photos and share absolutely everything!

Anywho, here are some photos from my recent furniture makeover!

The first dresser I refurbished was in pretty great shape and so easy to take apart! The top popped right off and the inside bones came off so easily. The second dresser was a whole other story! When I popped off the top it took the front side pieces of wood with it… I had to rebuild it. Unfortunately I don’t have photos of it. Just picture a lot of wood putty… This goes to show that each piece of furniture isn’t just a walk in the park! Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Don’t get discouraged though!






Took off the top, the middle bar, the drawer slides, the two drawers and the inside bottom. Once the demoing was over I cleaned the dresser, vacuumed it out, and sanded it down.


I added planked pine 1 x 4’s to the bottom. Every dresser is different so you want to find the right size screws for the job. All I had to do was screw them into the front and make sure they were flush. I then measured the sides and screwed in some plywood. Then the back piece was measured and secured with screws. Since everything fit so tight I didn’t have to screw the back sides of the 1 x 4’s. The back piece holds them into place.


I always add a wood top! Pine is my favorite and so easy to add to a piece of furniture! I like to have about a half inch to an inch overhang on each side and same with the front and back. If you look closely you can see the screws in place on the sides. I use one for each board on each side.

Unfortunately I never got photos of the painting process (I know photos help me visualize things easier so I’m sorry!). For distressing I didn’t use primer. On all the new wood except for the top I painted them a dark brown. Same as the dresser color. 2 coats. You don’t have to paint the dresser because it’s already brown and will show through the paint just fine. Once the entire dresser was brown (except for the top!) I rubbed a small amount of vaseline on all the edges and spots where I wanted the dresser to look worn. Yes vaseline! At some point I will share a blog post about this process!

Once the vaseline is where I wanted it I painted the entire dresser with Glidden pure white satin paint. 3 coats! After everything was completely dry I took a piece of sand paper and sanded the spots where I had put the vaseline. The trick is to remember where you put it!





The second dresser was pretty tricky! I prayed extra hard to find a match to the first one. Which is usually impossible… but with God… You know what I’m sayin! What I looked for was same measurements, top drawer detail and the bottom design. When I started on it I did the same as the first dresser but It completely took a turn for the worst!



I did all the same steps as I did for the first dresser. The only thing different with this one was I ripped out all the front pieces of wood. I had to add new pieces of wood for the top and bottom to make a frame for the drawer. Each piece was about 1 1/2″ wide. I measured the other dresser to make sure it would look identical. When I took off the top the sides kind of came with it so I had to fill in the missing wood with wood putty.


I also filled in all the holes I created by accident when demoing. Wood putty and sanding does the trick!



The tops I stained with Minwax Jacobean and sealed with Minwax polycrylic. I also sealed the paint with polycrylic as well. For the second dresser I found a similar piece of molding to the first one and added it to the under part of the drawer. I used liquid nails to attach it and used clips to hold it in place while it dried.



  • Pulls – Home Depot
  • Dressers – Craigslist
  • Drawer paper – Walmart
  • Stain – Minwax Jacobean
  • Sealer – Minwax Polycrylic
  • Paint – Glidden Satin (Dresser: Pure white satin) (Brown – color matched to acrylic paint “Espresso”)

Feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment!

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