Bathroom on a Budget

Hey guys! Are you ready for these bathroom before and afters?! I don’t think you are… Seriously this bathroom is day and night people! We turned this outdated 1970 bathroom into a fresh functional space. Proof that you can turn a terrible space into something beautiful without breaking the bank!



I’m sorry you had to see that… I mean come on?! We couldn’t believe someone was actually living in the house and using the bathroom the way it was. It was germ city!



After clearing everything out I started with the cabinets and knew I wanted them to be grey. We decided to keep the old cabinets to save money. The entire vanity was huge and had a lot of storage which was a plus. I chose a light grey for the cabinets and it was too light for me. So I went a few shades darker.


My father-in-law was kind enough to add a recessed light above our tub. It made a huge difference! We can actually see what we are doing when we shower now!


We chose an inexpensive laminate countertop from Home Depot that resembled granite or marble. They took our measurements, custom made it and delivered it. We installed it ourselves and cut the hole for the sink to save more money instead of getting it installed by Home Depot (which they do if needed).


Bye bye ugly blue sink and toilet!


To save more money (because you know now we are all about saving those dollars!) we decided to take a risk Z_oOw_mcpEx_and paint the tub and tiles. We were warned this may not turn out great but we tried it anyway! Our plumber even told us it was a bad idea… Ha… At some point we are planning to replace the tub with a shower and pretty tiles but for now we are happy with our inexpensive DIY. It turned out great and is holding up great (We’ve been in our house for over a year now)! No more blue tub and ugly tiles! This product was a genius idea and I’m so glad we tried it.


Now onto the flooring! We chose an inexpensive vinyl flooring that came in sheets. You buy the size you need, cut it and glue it. Again, the store you purchase it from will install it for you but we installed it ourselves. My husband and his dad did that for us. They were smart and made a stencil of our bathroom floor using postal wrapping paper!


The shower head was really short so we purchased an adapter to raise it higher and also bought a new shower head.



I begged my husband to get rid of that eye sore that you first saw when you walked into the bathroom. He definitely came through for me! He took the toilet paper holder out and patched up the wall. Then he added a new one to the right of the toilet so It would be unseen.


Adding new windows, baseboards and adding new trim also makes a huge difference!


The mirror we used was actually from one of the old sliding closet doors in the master bedroom. Somehow It was the perfect size for the wall and vanity. We just popped off the metal pieces and stuck it up on the wall. Perfect!


Later on we added trim to the mirror and some board and batten to the blank wall behind the door!


Project bathroom makeover complete!


  • Cabinet paint color – Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore in Advance Waterborne Alkyd Satin (After a year there are still no chips in the paint. Very durable!)
  • Wall paint color – Cedar Key by Benjamin Moore
  • Sink & faucet brand – Kohler
  • Towel rack & toilet paper holder – Home Depot
  • Tub & tile paint – Home Depot
  • Drawer pulls – BiMart
  • Cabinet handles – Home Depot
  • Lighting – Home Depot
  • Shower curtain – Tjmaxx

Feel free to leave questions or comments!

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